Welcome to Alpha Pharmacy & Stores, a trusted name in community pharmacy in Nigeria. We provide many dependable products for our customers, hospitals, theatres and all other healthcare providers.

Please stop by our renovated head office in lagos as well as our new store in Enugu to take advantage of our newly expanded and improved supermarket featuring:

- All your favourite provisions items and household products

- All new healthy groceries  (provision items), such as zero/reduced sugar, low cholesterol, gluten free, organic, low calorie, herbals, books, dvds & cds, etc.

- Fitness/gym equipment, such as gym/sports wear, gym equipment, sports gear, dvds and books, etc.

- Quality gift items



Mr. Olanrewaju

“Alpha is always consistent.”

Mr. Adeboye Adebayo

“I like Alpha because they offer good and quality services.”

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